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State and Local Government

By improving your approach to information governance, Laserfiche enables transparency and makes government organizations more efficient, more effective and better able to create innovative solutions for a variety of needs.

A successful information governance strategy accelerates decision-making, increases transparency and eliminates unnecessary compliance risks. It's a way to foster organizational agility, and it's most effective when there's a nimble technology backbone in place.

When government organizations adopt Laserfiche as part of their information governance strategy, they gain a way to balance enterprise control with departmental flexibility. Laserfiche provides a standard for managing content and streamlining business processes across the enterprise and brings benefits to departments as diverse as human services, building inspections, tax, courts and more.

By serving as the universal repository, Laserfiche grants users across the enterprise instant access to the information they need to complete their jobs quickly and efficiently. In addition, it reduces the resource utilization inherent with paper-based processes.

Increase Public Access to Information with Dynamic Web Portals

As the demand for government transparency grows, you need an efficient, cost-effective solution for making information available to citizens. Laserfiche offers an easy-to-navigate Web portal that makes documents available to the public-while still keeping your core Laserfiche repository secure.

Automate Collaborative Business Processes

Rather than duplicating efforts in different areas of the business, Laserfiche can be used to execute repeatable processes in a consistent manner across the enterprise, optimizing resource efficiency, cost and service performance.

Mitigate Risk with Records Management

A well-vetted records management policy is crucial to minimizing the risk of non-compliance with industry rules and regulations. A key component of the Laserfiche ECM suite, Laserfiche Records Management Edition (RME) is a DoD 5015.2-certified solution that reduces the cost of compliance by supporting the automatic enforcement of consistent, enterprise-wide records policies.

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