Laserfiche Server
Laserfiche RioTM and Laserfiche AvanteTM combine comprehensive ECM functionality with powerful business process management (BPM), security and auditing tools and comprehensive content management functionality.
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Laserfiche Forms
Information trapped on paper and PDF forms impedes business processes and limits organizations' flexibility and adaptability. Laserfiche Forms overcomes these limitations by accurately capturing vital information and launching business processes.
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Integration Marketplace
The Laserfiche Integration Marketplace is designed for Laserfiche customers who are looking to leverage the customizations, configurations and integrations that others have already done.
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Shaffer Technologies helps organizations in the transition to electronic document management, eForms and office workflow. We have the experience to evaluate your existing paper filing and office processes and transition them into electronic processes. The key in our success is working with an organization to find the best place to start the transition. Once we find a good starting point we will put together a project plan and time line for your organization. Depending on the size of your organization, this transition can take weeks to years to implement, and Shaffer Technologies will work with you through the entire process.

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